In Munich, the fish just has to be fat enough not to be fished out.
Whether Oktoberfest, IAA or Helene Fischer & Andreas Gabalier in Riem.
But woe betide you if the crime techno music under the A99, from a pristine gravel pit, from the basement of a welding factory or louder than the KVR allows from the demo car sounds out.

Stop. This event is over.

The currently tolerated state of emergency:
Fashion stores are going crazy, selling only traditional costumes, the main train station is littered with alcohol corpses, in keeping with Bavarian Leitkultur, the trains reek of vomit and the clubs bang out one after-Wiesn hit after another.

That's it. Over. The end.

We want to dance, celebrate, get down, rave.
Lights, sound system & IsarBass are ready - are you ?

We not only distance ourselves musically from commercialism, but with Gypsybräu we also set a clear sign against the brewery mafia that wants to sell you overpriced liquor by the liter.

To be able to guarantee a smooth course of events, we have extended our feelers this year and decided to move our common Safespace into a hall we trust.
The whole thing will take place privately, access can only be granted if your name is on the guest list. The capacity here is limited.

TELL EVERYBODY but only the good one's

IsarBass & GypsyBräu

The booking period for this event is over.

Where does the event happen? Dachauer Str. 110c
80797 Munich

When does the event happen?
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Guest list (10€ contribution towards the expenses at the box office)